Sunday, January 28, 2018

Flashing Light Prize 2018 - Sunscreen, UV, and neon

A very unusual way to flash a neon lamp using sunscreen.

Aerolux lamps:

Good selection of gear motors at Jameco:

Awesome Keithly SourceMeter:

This video is a freebie for Patreon supporters, and I will donate any awards to a STEM education charity.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Glass engineering - designing and making photochromic glass

How to make small batches of specialty glass with minimal equipment.

Good overview glass engineering book from 1920 (how to choose ingredients) :

"5mW" *nudge-wink*   405nm laser pointer:

Alumina melting dish on eBay:

Source of kiln paper, mold release, molds, glass fusing supplies:

Paragon Quickfire kiln:

Case of 12 insulating fire bricks:

Graphite mold:

Relevant patents for photochromic recipes:

Applied Science on Patreon:

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fast partial refresh on 4.2" E-paper display from Waveshare / Good Display

Google Drive link with Arduino firmware used in this project:

I bought the Waveshare devices on Aliexpress:

Datasheet with the 42-byte LUT format used in the 4.2" display, but not the exact correct part.

Interesting thread with other folks experimenting with LUTs on the 2.7" display.

Waveshare (distributor) datasheet

Good Display (manufacturer) datasheet

Waveform "theory" with class 7-5-7 pulse sequence:

My favorite microcontroller dev board, the Teensy:

The new awesome 5-series oscilloscope from Tek:

Saturday, July 1, 2017

World's smallest lightbulb flasher? Flashing Light Prize 2017

I built an extremely small lightbulb flasher and describe the design process and challenges. This video is free for Patreon subscribers, and if I win the contest prize, I will donate the winnings to a STEM education charity.

2017 Flashing Light Prize:

Source of micro light bulbs:

Single Schmitt inverter:

The SR416 cell is the smallest primary power source available:

Spot Welder:

Big thanks to Tektronix for very useful test gear. Much appreciated!

Applied Science on Patreon: